RM6 small transformer

Brand : TS
Product origin : Huizhou Guangdong, China
Delivery time : Within 3-14 day after payment
Supply capacity : 120000/m

Product Information

Power phase: single phase

Brand: TS

Core form: Shell Type
Outline structure: vertical
Moisture way: open type
Cooling method: natural cold type
Frequency characteristics: high frequency
Winding form: double winding
Model: RM6 small transformer
Core structure: heart style

Product advantages

1, RM6 small transformer have high magnetic flux density, high permeability, low loss ferrite core.

2, Designed to meet safety standards, Many types of product types, quality assurance, for a variety of occasions.

3, RM6 small transformer with cost-effective.

4, High efficiency, low heat, anti-jamming performance.

Electrical Characterstics:

1.Operating Temperature range:-10℃- +100℃

2.Storage Temperature:-40℃- +110℃

3.Switching frequency:15KHz-120KHz

4.Withstanding voltage:1500/3750Vac for 1 minute between primary & secondary

5.RM6 small transformer Insulation resistance:500Vdc 100MO min.Between primary & secondary.

6.Heat resistance class:E(120℃),B(130℃),F(155℃),H(180℃)

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