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ET28 inductor filter

Brand : TS
Product origin : Huizhou Guangdong, China
Delivery time : Within 3-14 day after payment
Supply capacity : 120000/m

Product Description

ET28 inductor filter can be used in automobile, LED, switching power supply, charger, electric car, ADSL, lighting toy, set-top box, alarm, energy-saving lamp, solar energy, and converter.

ET28 inductor filter main function is to make the useful signal as far as possible without attenuation through the unwanted signal as much as possible reflection.

Electrical Characterstics:

1.Operating Temperature range:-25℃- +105℃

2.Storage Temperature:-40℃- +100℃

3.Rated voltage:270Vac.50/60Hz

4.Withstanding voltage:1500/3750Vac for 1 minute between primary & secondary

4.Insulation resistance:500Vdc 100MO min.Between primary & secondary.

5.ET28 inductor filter Temperature rise:45℃max.


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